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Categories of Questions About Sex--Post 1

Posted by Tammi A. Tannura -

Questions about sex are sometimes tricky and embarrassing to answer, depending on your comfort level with even saying the word sex, let alone feeling like you know enough to answer the question accurately. A friend of mine can't even say the word SEX without faking an international accent because she's so embarrassed.

If you haven't been asked yet, chances are likely (and hopefully) a child, maybe even yours, will ask you questions. Will you be prepared? How will you answer? First, consider the type of question the young person is asking. Questions that kids ask may be grouped into five broad categories which can overlap. A couple of categories of questions will be posted over the next week. Be sure to check in each day to read more.

Facts and Information

One type of question kids may ask is about basic facts and information. This type of question is the 'cut and dry' type of question. Just the facts, please, just the facts. When you answer this type of question, simply give medically accurate information. If you don't know the answer, admit it, but be sure to help the young person find the appropriate source for the answer. An example of a facts and information question that a young person may ask would be, "How does the reproductive system work?" or "How did the baby get in there?"

Check in tomorrow for 2 more types of questions, "Am I normal?" questions and permission- seeking questions.

Source: Barth, R.P. (2011). Reducing the risk: Building skills to prevent pregnancy, STD and HIV. ETR Associates: Scotts Valley, CA.

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