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Categories of Questions About Sex--Post 2

Posted by Tammi A. Tannura -

The previous post discussed questions young people may ask about sex related to facts and information.  The next two types of questions are "Am I normal?" questions and permission-seeking questions.

"Am I Normal?"

This type of question generally focuses on a young person's concerns about his/her body and the emotional as well as physical changes that occur during puberty. Examples of "Am I normal?" questions might be, "How big should my penis be?" or "When will I get my first period?"


Kids may directly or indirectly ask permission to participate in a specific behavior. Depending on your relationship with the youth, it may or may not be your place to give permission. Whatever your relationship with the person asking the question, be sure to encourage them to consider the values and beliefs they were taught at home about the behavior in question. An example of a permission-seeking question might be, "Is it ok to have sex with my boyfriend if I really, really, really, really love him?" or "How old should someone be before they make out?"

The last two categories of questions, shock questions and questions about personal beliefs and behaviors, will be in tomorrow's post. Stay tuned....

Source: Barth, R.P. (2011). Reducing the risk: Building skills to prevent pregnancy, STD and HIV. ETR Associates: Scotts Valley, CA.

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