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Nature Inquiry Adventures

Youth exploring nature through a partnership between the Forest Preserve District of Cook County and U of IL Extension
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Summer 2014: Nature Inquiry Adventures

Posted by Ron Wolford -

The Forest Preserves of Cook County have been greeted this summer by curious minds from Manierre Elementary School and the YMCA summer camps from Whistler and Libby Schools. The Inquiry Adventures program and the Forest Preserves Youth Outdoor Ambassadors have brought numerous children to the groves at Dan Ryan Woods and Bemis Woods. The kids come to the forest to learn about nature, investigate their questions to support or refute their hypothesis as a group. These experiences help them develop critical thinking skills, broaden their knowledge of nature and appreciate what they encounter along the trail.

A few examples of the investigations conducted this summer are: the speed of leaf movement down a stream, do more life forms live in decomposing logs or living logs, and do more critters grow under rocks then in the open field. The children collect data to find the answers to their questions and relate them to their predictions. This leads to curiosity about nature and its miracles. Trees have been identified, flower names learned, snakes looked at with a magnify glass and larvae discovered. The discovery never ends!

Nature Inquiry Adventures is a partnership between the Forest Preserves of Cook County and University of Illinois Extension: Cook County Unit.

Jennifer Albarran


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