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Animals and Science in the Classroom

Gain tips on animal husbandry, animal related activities, games, events and careers!

Groomer - Animal Related Careers

If you enjoy making dogs and cats look their best, maybe the job of a pet groomer is for you! Many groomers own their own salons and are able to set their own hours; groomers are also housed within veterinary clinics, unless they opt to work for a large store chain. Many times groomers work on commission and receive tips to supplement their pay. Besides clipping fur groomers also express anal g...

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Pets and allergies: Part I – What are pet allergies and what animals may cause them?

Posted by Courtnye Jackson -

Many educators enjoy introducing animals into their classrooms for show and tell, as class pets or teaching tools. While animals bring fun and engaging opportunities for students, many schools are shying away from this once common practice due to accidents, zoonotic diseases and allergens. It is estimated that approximately 10 percent of the population may be allergic to animals and a higher ra...

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