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Animals and Science in the Classroom

Gain tips on animal husbandry, animal related activities, games, events and careers!
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Giving thanks for our pets

With the Thanksgiving holiday right around the corner we often prepare our homes for friends and family, begin preparing meals or take off for a much needed vacation. However you spend your holiday, don't forget to plan for your pets and animals that live in the classroom. Make sure that animals are not left in the classroom over the holidays. It is best if one person (preferably...

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Leafy Animals

Ages 4-8 Weather you hate to see summer go or not the inevitable has happened and fall is upon us.  With the change in weather comes a change of all things around us including trees.  You can use the leaves that fall from the trees for a lot more than making piles, why not make animals!  Materials needed: Thick paper (cardboard or paper plat...

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