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Animals and Science in the Classroom

Gain tips on animal husbandry, animal related activities, games, events and careers!
Animal Careers
arcsi 2016

Animal Related Career Summer Intensive

The summer is always a hectic time of the year, especially for students!  There are numerous educational opportunities for students to partake in over the summer.  This summer we had our second Animal Related Career Summer Intensive for high school students.  Take a look at what we did...

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vetarinary technician

Veterinary technicians are essential to the smooth running of a clinic.  Upon visiting a veterinary clinic a vet before you speak with a veterinarian, you will most likely speak with the technician.  Veterinary technicians are comparable to nurses in human medicine.  They have the ability to check vitals, take a history, x-rays, administer some medications, and they are also responsible for restra...

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lizard two

Clinical Veterinarian

Being a clinical veterinarian requires a lot of schooling but comes with many rewards, especially if you want to work with 'exotic' pets.  If you love working with lizards, small mammals, birds and other small pets and have a desire to help them through quality preventative care, surgery and medical treatment then a career as an exotic veterinarian may be worth pursuing.  While many vets choose to...

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Laboratory Animal Veterinarian - Animal Related Careers

The main job of a laboratory animal veterinarian is to ensure that animals used in research are treated humanely. They usually work in a research environment for biomedical research firms or pharmaceutical development companies. They provide medical care for the animals involved in research. Laboratory animal medicine is considered a specialty, which means a residency or subsequent years of tra...

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Groomer - Animal Related Careers

If you enjoy making dogs and cats look their best, maybe the job of a pet groomer is for you! Many groomers own their own salons and are able to set their own hours; groomers are also housed within veterinary clinics, unless they opt to work for a large store chain. Many times groomers work on commission and receive tips to supplement their pay. Besides clipping fur groomers also express anal g...

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cat in fishtank

Animal Behavior Specialist

Do you often find yourself wanting to know why animals do the things they do? Maybe an animal behavior specialists the career for you! Their main goal is to evaluate and study animals behavior to determine what causes typical actions.  People that choose this career can work with a variety of animals from birds to buffalo, but usually specialize in a certain species and type of behavior. Animal...

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USDA Veterinarian - Animal Related Careers

Many veterinarians choose to work with the USDA which stands for the United States Department of Agriculture. Much of the meat that we eat is seen by a veterinarian in the processing plant. Their role is to protect humans by making sure the food that reaches our tables is safe and edible. Read more about being a veterinarian with the USDA here:...

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wildlife rehabilitator

Wildlife Rehabilitator - Animal Related Careers

Today I discuss the life of a wildlife rehabilitator. A wildlife rehabilitator operates under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian and is responsible for the successful rehabilitation and release of injured, sick and orphaned wild animals. They are very hands on with wildlife such as squirrels, owls, and eagles. It is recommended that a course of study in ecology, wildlife biology, or...

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