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Flubber - Animal Activities for the Classroom

Posted by Courtnye Jackson -

Animal Activities for your classroom

With the temperatures growing colder outside, now is a great time to discuss thermic regulation in animals.  How do whales remain in the temperatures that can drop well below freezing for extended amounts of time? The answer is blubber! Blubber is a thick layer of stored fat directly beneath the skin and above the muscles, it acts as a barrier to the extreme cold by forming a 'blanket' to hold in body heat. Whales can also use blubber to store energy for use in the future when food sources are scarce. One activity you can do in the classroom is creating your own blubber or flubber, see below for one of the several recipes available. For more animal related activities visit my blog:

Things You'll Need

  • 1 cup Elmer's glue
  • 1 cup liquid laundry starch
  • Disposable plastic spoon
  • Plastic air-tight container
  • Plastic bowl
  • Food coloring – optional, for added fun (and messiness!)


  • Pour 1 cup Elmer's glue into a plastic bowl.
  • Add a few drops of food coloring and stir until the color is mixed throughout. Be aware, however, that some food colorings may stain, so this step is optional.
  • Add the liquid laundry starch to the glue, a little bit at a time, and stir until the mixture thickens.
  • Form the mixture into a ball and knead until it holds together well and is smooth. If the flubber is too sticky, add more laundry starch until it becomes rubbery.
  • The 'blubber' can be kneaded in a plastic bag and stored

    Warning: Do not ingest flubber. Supervise younger children when making flubber!

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