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Thanksgiving dinner goes to the dogs!


With the Thanksgiving holiday right around the corner we often prepare our homes for friends and family, begin preparing meals or take off for a much needed vacation. However you spend your holiday, don't forget to plan for your pets and animals that live in the classroom.

  • Make sure that animals are not left in the classroom over the holidays. It is best if one person (preferably the teacher) takes the class pet home and not rotate between homes as this may agitate and cause undue stress to your animal(s).
  • Plan ahead for vacation: make sure you have your pets vaccinations are up to date well ahead of time (at least a month). Call boarders and kennels to make find out what vaccines are required and how many days prior they should be administered.
  • No matter how much they use those sweet puppy dogs' eyes, it is never a good idea to feed them table food. We're all tempted to throw our dogs (or cats) a bone especially during the Thanksgiving holiday, but bones and other things in turkey & stuffing can cause our pets to have major issues. This can also lead to you having to pay major vet bills! Check the ASPCA website for more information about what not to feed your dog
  • If you are having Thanksgiving dinner at your home, make sure you inform family and friends early on that they should not feed your pet from the table
  • Some people will have a kids table, which usually sits lower to the ground. Pets are very intelligent and tend to know that our little ones are easier prey and they may be able to swipe food easily, so be on guard!

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