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Posted by Courtnye Jackson -

Would you like to know more about the next generation science standards or NGSS? Do you find yourself wonder what these new standards are all about? Below, I list three websites, with a major pro or con, which will assist you in navigating your way through the NGSS!

1. NGSS: This is the main websitecreated by Achieve, Inc.Here you will find detailed information about the standards including why the standards were created, voices of support for the standards, implementation and of course the standards themselves. Pro: This website is filled with all the information that you will need to understand and begin to incorporate them into lesson plans. Con: The key word in this description detailed! Thereis a plethora of information about the NGSS, but if you want to get through all the information presented be prepared to set aside a great deal of time to do so. Luckily you can search for various standards arranged by topic or disciplinary core idea.

2. NSTA:Upon opening the URLyouare taken to a page that presents information about upcoming professional developments, informational and/or workshops concerning the NGSS. There is also a list of the states that have adopted the standards. In addition, there is a link to the NSTA blog dedicated to presenting up to date information on the standards. One of the best features of the website is the resource section, there are videos, journal articles, books, and handouts available. Pro: The NSTA website seems dedicated to presenting up to date information concerning the standards including news releases, state adoptions and professional developments. Con:While the information on the website is free you have to payforthemajority of the workshops and webinars.

3. Concord: Concord is a website dedicated to digital learning for math and science. Here you will find a NGSS pathfinder which gives educators free educational resources aligned with the standards. The user chooses the practices, core idea and crosscutting concept. Once selected a series of lessons are presented. Pro: Concord seems to be on the leading edge of compiling a list of NGSS useful lessons that are affordable or free and easy to implement in the classroom. Con: As the standards are fairly new, there may not be lessons available for all the topics, but the list is a living document and updated on a consistent basis.

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