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Leafy Animals

Ages 4-8
Weather you hate to see summer go or not the inevitable has happened and fall is upon us.  With the change in weather comes a change of all things around us including trees.  You can use the leaves that fall from the trees for a lot more than making piles, why not make animals! 

Materials needed:
Thick paper (cardboard or paper plate)
A variety of washed leaves
Imaginative mind

Have students venture outside to choose at least 10 leaves of different shapes and sizes.  The leaves should be washed and left out to dry.  Once dry, the leaves can be placed together to form an animal on either a piece of paper or paper plate.  Sometimes having a photograph helps but allowing students to use their imagination produces the best results.

If you want to take it a step further have a picture of an animal and break the leaves into small pieces to fit into the shape of an animal. 

Even though this activity is rated for ages 4-8, it's fun for kids of all ages (even adults)!

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