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Mammal trunks

Did you know that you can obtain an Illinois wildlife mammal resources trunk at no charge for at least two weeks to use in your classroom.  The trunks usually include animal pelts, skulls, tracks and books to show to your students.  They are fun to use and the students are always interested in learning more.   In addition the Univerisity of Illinois Extension can bring a similar trunk out to your school for an interactive experience with your students!  Here is more information.  The popular Illinois Wild Mammals resources trunks are now available at an additional 10 locations. Lending locations for this trunk have been added in Woodstock, Chicago, Olney, Shelbyville, Frankfort, Waterloo, Jacksonville, Watseka, Carrollton and East Dubuque. Look for the contact information at and make your reservation today! Access the lessons based on this trunk that will help you to meet Next Generation Science Standards at

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