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Black History throughout the Year

Although February is the designated month that Black History is commemorated, it does not have to be confined to this time of the year.  Feel free to carve out various times during the school year to explore Black history and culture, including art, literature, and music.  Exploring Black history is a wonderful way to nurture hearts and noggins by opening the mind of a child to embrace an important facet of American history.  The intentional engagement in the history of African Americans will build a lasting sense of appreciation and competence. 

Here are a few ideas to get you started:
  • Read/explore a different Black history fact each day of the school year
  • Explore African American art; visit African American museums
  • Dig deeper into a specific era of Black history (Jim Crow, Harlem Renaissance, etc.).
  • Have students read and research African American children's books
  • Explore the Brown vs. Board of Education (Topeka, KS) case
  • Focus  on the progress of African Americans in sports (baseball, track, and basketball)
  • Have students write a speech/essay to share their dreams and aspirations

For additional ideas for your classroom, please check out:

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