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Happy Children

Clap Along if You Feel Like Happiness is...

In honor of 'International Day of Happiness' and Pharrell Williams' wildly popular song, "Happy," check out Edutopia for ideas about how you can foster happiness throughout your school.  Also, be sure to check out my blog post from December 4, 2013, "Happiness + Positive School Climate = Learning" for tips. 
Some ideas include:

  • Teaching empathy and emotional literacy; allowing children to visualize and demonstrate compassion towards others
  • Modeling kindness and generosity of spirit; intentionally showcasing to children how caring looks and feels
  • Fostering creativity and allowing time for play and freedom of expression
  • Adding color, art, posters, and photographs¬†within learning environments to inspire vision and spark thinking
  • Allowing children to be exactly who they are, and validating it

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