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Back-to-School, Back to Routines

Although it may seem as if summer break just began, it is that time of year again… Back-to-School time! For many students (and parents), it can be difficult to get back into the swing of things after summer break. Whether your child spent the summer lounging around a pool, engaging in activities at summer camp, playing sports, traveling, bike riding, or curled up with some great books, it can be a challenge to return to early morning routines and homework. So, parents, I've compiled a list of some helpful tips that may make the transition a bit smoother.

To ease the stress level of both you and your child, establish morning and night routines:
  • Set a reasonable bedtime and stick with it. Getting a full night's rest is essential for optimal health, especially brain health.
  • Save time, plan the night before. Find, organize, and iron school (and work) clothing the night before. Why waste valuable morning time trying to find the other sock?
  • Pack all non-refrigerated lunch items the night before. This will save a lot of time in the morning.
  • Establish rules and a routine for study/homework time. Good study habits are very important. Arrange a quiet space for studying and homework completion.
  • Organize meal prep. Plan your meals for the entire week. It's easier to make healthier food choices for your family when you plan in advance.
  • Don't forget to set an alarm. Both children and parents need to wake up earlier during the school year. Make sure the alarm is set… Don't be tardy!
  • Make a checklist for your child. A checklist may help your child to be responsible and stay on task in a timely manner. It is easy for kids to forget to do essential things like pack their homework, brush their teeth, put on deodorant, etc. So, let's help them out and prevent some potentially smelly situations by creating a handy dandy checklist.

I hope this list is helpful and that you all have a wonderful, successful school year.

Be sure to visit this blog throughout the school year for additional tips on how to make this the best year ever!

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