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No Voice Left Behind

With the onset of recent and on-going protests and marches for civil rights and justice, it is clear how imperative it is for individuals to be heard and feel that they matter. This desire has resonated with many as they have mobilized in unity to have their voices heard. Students in the classroom are not too different. They want to be heard and feel that they matter. Perhaps we can all recall a time (or two) when we were too afraid to raise our hand to ask a question, or state our opinion, due to fear of what others may think if they heard our voice. However, when our learning environments cater to learners and their respective voices, it is ripe for respecting, inquiring, exploring, sharing, growing, debating, and learning.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Teach students to appreciate and learn across differences. Instead of teaching them to "tolerate" difference, teach them to value difference in a way that promotes the beauty of it.
  • Facilitate learning in a differentiated classroom. Guide student learning in an environment that is "just right" for them. Just as we do not all look alike or act alike, we do not all learn alike. Let's be creative and diversify our teaching strategies.
  • Inspire your students to want more. Empower your students to do more.

So, how will you inspire your students to own their voice and let others hear them?

How will you empower them to take another child's hand to support and encourage them to use their voice?

Creating a space that is filled with support and kindness is a wonderful goal to begin with in 2015. Cheers to starting the new calendar year with enhanced spaces for learning (and teaching)… No voice left behind.

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