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Rest-Relaxation for Teachers

Teachers: Don't Forget to Love Yourself

As I've been out working with and talking to teachers this month, aside from witnessing the hard work and tremendous efforts exerted, one consistency that I've seen is "drained" teachers. As the official "month of love" winds down, teachers must not forget to love themselves throughout the year, by making themselves a priority. As with anything, if you're not properly taking care of yourself, it is difficult to continue being effective in the classroom. With many educators gearing up for the PARCC test next month, now is a perfect time to remember this. While I'm typically engaging with teachers about the social and emotional needs of youth, adults must also be mindful of their social and emotional needs. Taking time to reflect on current efforts and future goals, while hitting the "pause button," can be tremendously beneficial for teachers (and their students).

Try these tips for getting a bit more "me" time:

  • Make your social and emotional needs a priority
  • Schedule time just for yourself
  • Sleep! Rest well!
  • Take time to celebrate your teaching (and students' learning) successes
  • Integrate activities into your curricula that allow you and your students to relax a bit (i.e. games, reflection journals, mindfulness exercises)
  • Give yourself time to reflect on why you entered the teaching profession and why you love education

So, as the month of February comes to an end, remember, any month is a good month to love yourself—your social and emotional health will thank you!

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