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Daley Plaza: Cook County Forest Preserve Event

Posted by Ron Wolford -

Abigail and I helped out with the insect petting zoo booth at Daley Plaza. We were able to show visitors the millipedes, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, and Bess bugs. Many of the people that walked pass were interested in learning about the insects and a few were interested in holding them. While some people were cautious in getting too close. A couple of school children came by and were enthusiastic about seeing the insects and wanted to touch all of them. The boys were more excited about them than the girls. The girls just stood back and watched the boys handle the insects. At first I was a little nervous about touching the insects myself, but eventually I became more comfortable. I realized that I couldn't try to get someone else to hold the insects if I were too scared to hold them myself.

Also, there were a lot of people interested in learning about worm composting. They were amazed by the fact that the bin had no smell. It seemed like many of them wanted to try it out in their homes because they realized how easy it was to start. There also were many people who came by to ask questions about gardening.We were glad that two of the master gardeners and Valerie Kehoe, U of IL Extension School Garden Coordinator was there to answer everyone's questions. We learned a lot from them at this event and were able to hear about some of the everyday challenges with having a garden at home.

We had a little free time to visit other booths while we were there. We were excited to make a few connections to people who were interested in participating in our study. The Forest Preserve of Cook County had many giveaways, and we had the opportunity to enter into a raffle by taking a selfie with their picture frame. Overall, we enjoyed going to this event.

Jasmine and Abigail

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