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South Cook County Master Gardener Meeting

Posted by Ron Wolford -

If only every Wednesday were as fortunate as this one! Orland Park, Illinois was the next stop on our list to attend the South Cook County Master Gardener Meeting. The agenda for the meeting included a presentation and discussion about GMO's from Russ Higgins, an Extension Educator and staff at the Northern Illinois Agronomy Research Center. Russ was well spoken and passionate about educating fellow Master Gardeners on the advantages and disadvantages of biotech crops, and I think everyone left with a little better idea of how this crop technology could affect them and the urban agriculture in Cook County. We also said "Aloha" to Nancy Pollard, Extension Horticulture Educator with South Cook County Extension for 14 years. It is becoming increasingly evident how much work and care these employees put into this program, but it's also very clear how much they get back in return. Thank You to Nancy, Margaret, and the Master Gardeners of South Cook County for sending us home after having plenty to eat and a wonderful time in Orland Park.

Shelby & Ilana

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