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Why oh why didn't I winterize my shrubs?

Posted by Veronica Shaughnessy -

If any of you are like me, the thought of winterizing your shrubs didn't even occur to you until about a foot of snow was in process of falling.

Winterizing, in regards to shrubs, means protecting the shrubs from damage due to high winds, cold temperatures, snow, broken limbs, and prolonged drought or any combination of the above.

What can we do?

In order to protect our hedgerows or other tall shrubs from broken limbs due to the weight from snow we can wrap the shrubs in twine. This prevents snow from resting on limbs.

If the hedgerow is exposed to high winds, you may want to wrap the shrubs in some form of insulation such as burlap.

For evergreens, you can purchase a sealant that can be sprayed onto the needles to assist in moisture retention. This is useful in situations where the shrubs are exposed to high winds. It also helps when there are drastic changes in temperature which cause a thaw and re freeze of snow. This temperature fluctuation results in the evergreens loosing water through their needles via transpiration but later being unable to take water up through the roots due to a frozen ground.

Additionally, it is always a good idea to brush as much snow off the shrubs as possible.


If the proper steps are taken, winter scorch can be avoided.

Next year, I will be prepared!

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