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Mum's the Word

Posted by Kim Ellson - Gardening

Whether they are grown as cut flowers, potted houseplants or as an outdoor fall crop, it would be hard to imagine the horticultural and floral industry without them. Chrysanthemums are in fact a grower's delight, both private and commercial, due to their vast advantageous characteristics; versatility, diversity, multitude and longevity of floral blooms; rapid growth rate and relatively...

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sod with grub damage
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Keep your turf grub free!

All of a sudden, my lawn is getting all of these small holes, about the size of a lemon, dug all over. I had been told that we did not have Japanese beetles, so I don't think that the grubs are the problem. Off to one side, there is an area where the sod was just totally peeled back. What is causing all of the damage, and how do I stop it from happening? Answer...

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