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Should I be pruning in winter?

I have time now, during the winter. Can any of the pruning of trees and shrubs be done in the winter? Are there any that should not be pruned now? And what is your opinion of "topping" a tree? Answer Winter is an ideal time to prune almost all deciduous trees and shrubs for a variety of reasons: dormancy means trees and shrubs will not bleed; reduced tree stress equals...

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Snowdrops– The Promise of Spring!

Posted by Kim Ellson - Gardening

All four seasons are enchantingly beautiful, each displaying its uniquely distinct character, to which winter is no exception. Yet as winter draws to an end, or for others perhaps even sooner, many are longing to feast their eyes on the luscious green of spring and to bathe their skin in that warm spring air. This is where snowdrops come into play, for they are one of the very first messengers...

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