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Gas damage  1

Can gas leaks cause turf damage?

I have a large, approximately 8ft. round area in the front lawn where I cannot get grass to grow. Over the recent years I have tried to seed it three different times, and have replaced the dead grass with sod twice. Each time it died. An elderly gentlemen in the neighborhood suggested that it might be a gas leak. Is that possible? Is this a symptom of such a leak? Should I be concerned about th...

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snow mould  resized

I have snow mold on my lawn.

When the snow melted, it looked like I had spider webs or fine rabbit fur in spots all over the lawn, and in strips along the sidewalks and driveway. I'm not sure, but the grass within those areas now looks browner than the rest. What was that substance? Is that grass going to die? What should I do about the lawn? Answer The symptoms you are describing are what...

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