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Whether prairie plant or pansy, native or ornamental, gain insight into all aspects of gardening & wildlife.
seedling stretching

My Seedlings are Stretching

In a fit of enthusiasm I started a bunch of seeds some weeks ago. It is only the beginning of April and they are already too tall, thin and wispy, or leaning over to the side. Is there anything I can do to salvage them? Can they be pinched? Or should I just call it a day and start all over? Answer What you are describing is a common spring dilemma; we eagerly aw...

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annual bluegrass l

Early Season Weed Grasses

During the warm days we just had, I was out looking at the gardens. I'm not sure just how and when it happened, but weedy grasses have invaded the beds. There are grasses among the iris rhizomes, grasses climbing all over the hosta bed, globs of grasses with peony stems sticking out of it, and grasses showing up out of the ground covers. And all of it is still green! How do I get rid of this me...

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