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Why NOT to cut your perennials this fall..

Posted by Kim Ellson - Gardening

Most gardeners will associate the cutting and removal of perennials and raking of leaves as typical autumn chores. Naturally we want to ensure we are left with a garden that looks tidy and presentable, and we can rest assured that come springtime we will not have to tackle these chores in addition to controlling spring weeds. However removing all this plant material can be fatal for next year's...

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Fall Garden Chores

I've always heard "Fall is a good time to plant!" And I've heard that around Labor Day is the best time to do work on the lawn and gardens. What should I be doing now for the lawn, and what kind of jobs should I be doing in the gardens? How do I determine which is the most important in case I run out of time (or steam!)? Answer Autumn is the ideal time for carry...

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