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snow mould  resized

I have snow mold on my lawn.

When the snow melted, it looked like I had spider webs or fine rabbit fur in spots all over the lawn, and in strips along the sidewalks and driveway. I'm not sure, but the grass within those areas now looks browner than the rest. What was that substance? Is that grass going to die? What should I do about the lawn?


The symptoms you are describing are what is called snow mold. Whenever you see those characteristic round circular patches on your lawn with that fine strand cover, it is likely to be snow mold. Snow mold is a fungal disease that occurs when the snow cover melts. There are two types of snow mold, pink and gray snow mold, and as their names suggest they are distinguishable by their color. There are several factors which can cause this disease, compaction of snow; the underlying layer of snow not being frozen; and your lawn going into winter long and unmown. Although there are fungicides available to treat this condition, my advice would be to allow it to heal naturally. Do not use chemicals when it is not absolutely necessary. Simply remove the dead grass by raking it out and once the grass is actively growing again be sure to fertilize and if needed reseed patches. To a large extent nature will be doing the work for you, for as the soil dries out the disease will disappear and in time the lawn will recover. Although it is presently very unsightly it is only temporary.

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