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Creating a Personal Mission Statement

Posted by Michele Crawford - Health

Happy 2017! This is the time of year when many of us make new year's resolutions. While new year's resolutions are a great way to start off the new year feeling our best, research shows that while about 50% of Americans make new year's resolutions, only 8% actually achieve them.

This new year, I invite you to consider creating something different, something which will encourage you to be your best self in 2017 and beyond. Just what exactly am I speaking of you might ask… a personal mission statement!

You may be familiar with the mission statement of the organization you work for, or a company which you value their products. Missions statements help guide organizations by defining who they are and why they do what they do. If it works for corporations, why not for individuals?

Taking the time to write a personal missions statement will help you clarify your core values, reaffirm your inner self, and help you define your own trigger points. You might also look at this as helping you be true to yourself, which is part and parcel of self-care.

Writing a personal mission statement takes a bit of introspection. Reflecting on the following questions is a great place to start:

  • What are three core values that are important to you?
  • What do you love?
  • Why did you choose your profession?
  • Whom do you seek out as a partner in your career/life?
  • What would you like to accomplish in your career/life?

Usually as you answer the above questions, a theme or two begins to emerge. I challenge you to take your responses and craft a solid personal mission statement. If you need some assistance getting started, you may choose to begin with "I am committed to…".

Now, take that mission statement and keep it somewhere you can access it readily. Look back at your mission statement often as you continue to learn and grow. You may even find it helpful during challenging times to reflect back on it to help you stay true to yourself.

If you do create a personal mission statement and would like to share your thoughts or experiences, please post a comment or email me directly at

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