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Refill Your Cup with Self-Care

Genuine, sustained self-care is an art.

Personal Good

Posted by Michele Crawford - Health

In keeping with the theme of self-awareness, I would like to share an activity called Personal Good. I learned this activity from a Communities in Schools Chicago social/emotional training with local expert Caryn Curry. I appreciate this activity for it provides space to reflect on our bigger picture, things which may get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It sheds light on many aspects of our personalities.

Caryn suggests doing this activity often; once a week, or month, or every season. Find what works well for you. The activity should take no longer than 5-10 minutes and simply asks you to complete the following sentences:

I feel most motivated when…

I feel most joy in my life when…

I enjoy myself best when…

If I could do anything in the world, it would be….

How was the process of self-reflecting? Were some questions easier to answer than others? If you would like to share your experience please post a comment or email me at:

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