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Volunteer at Lincoln Park Zoo Vegetable Garden

Posted by Ron Wolford -

Come and be part of one of our priority projects for the 2007 growing season.

Here are reasons to consider this volunteer opportunity:

1. You can learn about growing vegetables as you work. The project manager, Jeanne Pinsof, is an organic vegetable expert. She lays out very clear directions for what needs to be accomplished each day.

2. This is a time to share what you know with eager, but supervised, children.

3. Lincoln Park Zoo is a beautiful area.

4. Parking is free for the day.

The Garden has extended the hours open to the public. There are now volunteer hours, 9:45 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., available on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

This is how Gloria Needlman describes her Master Gardener experience at LPZoo.

For the past five weeks I have eagerly looked forward to Wednesday mornings when I traveled to the Farm in the Zoo to work with groups of children and gardening. From the very little toddlers who want to move some dirt around with a spade, to the school age kids who are eager to pull weeds,takingthem to the composer and making it turn, spreading straw on the wet paths, tasting flowers from bok choy, or hunting for one ripe strawberry to the adults who ask questions about when and what to do with their gardens, help plant or pull weeds, each involvement was been a delight. There in the sun, the garden's growth from week to week was astounding. This volunteer time for me has been extraordinary--working with wonderful, knowledgeable people was been special.

We invite you to have this kind of experience at the Lincoln Park Zoo vegetable garden.



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