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Bring a Poster for Honors Night

Posted by Ron Wolford -

Good morning, Master Gardeners,

Here are some posters we hope to see on October 30. Let me know if your have questions or need help.

A Women's Gym - Erica Seltzer

American Indian Medicinal Garden- Todd Agosto

Beverly Arts Center - Marilyn Klein

Bethlehem Baptismal Garden- Phyllis Johnson and Marilyn Klein.

Brickyard Community Garden-Dorothy Pytel

Brookfield Zoo Hamil Family Zoo-Heather Burton

Centro San Bonifacio Garden- Margaret Cunningham

Larabida Children's Hospital - Phyllis Johnson and Marilyn Klein.

Harold Washington Victory Garden- Amy Olson

Holsum Bakery Green Space- Mike deLuna Hernandez

Jackie Robinson School - Carol Gittler

Proksa Park - Wil Rutt

St. Andrew Church -Vicki Grogan

St. Odilo Parish - Jenny Uyeda

Schwab- Tom Janik, Gail Neiman,Jodi Mann, Katy Murphy, Jane Tiffen, Cynthia Weaver

Remember how great the Jensen Room looked last October with all the posters about gardens?

This year, we want to do the posters in a slightly different way. Please confine your poster size to 8 1/2" by 11" papers. You may do one or two pages.

The reason for this is so after HONORS NIGHT, we will can put these "posters" into a scrapbook for a more permanent record.

Your poster of your garden should have:

Name and type of garden


Contact person

Master Gardeners who participated

Some pictures, (maybe before and after?)

Feel free to use the copy machine at either/or Garfield Park Conservatory or the Ag School Extension office to make your poster.

We will put the 8 1/2" by 11" poster onto construction paper for display.

When can you turn them in?

1. At the Plant Clinic on Sunday, October 21

2. At the Ag School office Monday-Friday, October 22-26

3. At the door on October 30. (Not the best option!)

Elizabeth Bruhns:

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