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Master Gardener Beth Botts Wins Writing Award

Posted by Ron Wolford -

The Garden Writers of America for 25 years has conducted an annual awards program for talent and products published in the field of garden communications. The purpose of the program is to provide recognition for the vast talents of the GWA membership in the area of writing, photography, graphic design, illustration and electronic media such as radio, television and Internet programming. It is a means of showcasing the many exceptional works created and/or published every year.

I would like to congratulate Chicago Master Gardener Beth Botts for receiving a 2007 Silver Award of Achievement for two articles she wrote in her role as a garden writer for the Chicago Tribune's Home and Garden section. Her winning articles were "Free Water: Its Yours for the Taking" and "How Many Gardeners Does it Take to Change a Bulb Garden"

The rain garden Beth describes in the "Free Water" article was designed by Chicago Master Gardener Sue Cubberly of the Rain Garden Network. The bulb article is about the fall bulb planting at the Lurie Garden which is a Chicago Master Gardener volunteer site.

Beth also writes an excellent garden blog for the Tribune: Chicago Gardener: A Growing Conversation.

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