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Volunteer at Macy's 2008 Flower Show

Posted by Ron Wolford -

We are looking for experienced Master Gardeners to take on a high-profile volunteer opportunity. We have been invited to be ambassadors for Macy's Flower Show from March 13-March 30 at their Loop location.

This is a great opportunity to provide information to the public, and raise the profile of the Cook County/Chicago Master Gardener Program.

The Flower Show display will be open to the public March 13-March 30. We will have ambassadors there on 12 of those days. Volunteer hours will be from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. with lunch break included.

Our Volunteer days are:

Thursday, March 13

Friday, March 14

Saturday, March 15

Sunday, March 16

Thursday, March 20

Friday, March 21

Saturday, March 22

Sunday, March 23

Thursday, March 27

Friday, March 28

Saturday, March 29

Sunday, March 30

We will work in teams of five or six Master Gardeners to provide tours of the show and to host a Plant Information Booth.

Master Gardeners will lead three guided tours on each day, Thursday through Sunday. Each tour will last approximately 30 minutes, with tours starting at 11 a.m., 12 p.m. and 2 p.m.

Master Gardeners will host the information booth from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Thursday through Sunday, on the main floor with flower show and appropriate Extension horticulture brochures. Master Gardeners will be ready to answer gardening questions and provide general information. The booth will remain set up display for the entire length of the flower show, but will only be staffed for12 of the days (see dates above) the show is open to the public.

Here are the perks that Macy's will provide for each MG Volunteer:

Lunch in the Walnut room

Free parking

Thank you reception

Pre-night tour

Orientation session

They will also provide:

1. Plant list, one month ahead of time. (We will set up study session on the Plant List. You will receive Continuing Education credit for that session.

We will also award double credit hours for Volunteering on the Easter holiday.)

2. Map of flower displays

3. Map of 1st floor

You will have an opportunity to meet with the Show's designer at the pre-night tour.

Is this the volunteer opportunity for you? Do you have any tour guide experience? Are you comfortable answering gardening questions and interacting with the public? Would you like to know a high profile flower show from the inside-out, and share that knowledge with the public?

To volunteer, contact me with your choice of dates. You may volunteer for more than one date.

Macy's is making a generous donation to University of Illinois Extension to support the Chicago Master Gardener program

University of Illinois Extension will be listed as a partner on flower show brochures, press releases and Macy's Flower Show web site.

What a great way to start the season!


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