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Museum of Science and Industry Volunteer Applications

Posted by Ron Wolford -

This is a reminder that your Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) volunteer application has to be turned in to Matt Porth ASAP. If the Museum does not receive your volunteer application by next week you will be dropped from the Smart Home volunteer list. Matt needs to get these forms processed ASAP.

We will be in touch regarding the Master Gardener volunteer orientation dates at the Museum.

If you misplaced you volunteer form please contact me ASAP.

Volunteer forms can be mailed to :

Museum of Science and Industry

5700 South Lake Shore Drive

Chicago, Illinois 60637-9976


or Fax to: 773-753-1357

Nancy Kreith

Extension Program Coordinator

University of Illinois Extension

3807 W. 111th Street

Chicago, IL. 60655

Office: 773.233.0476

Fax: 773.233.0910

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