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Independent Projects Sheet

Posted by Ron Wolford -

Master Gardeners,

Every year, you, as Master Gardeners, do many independent gardening projects with churches, nursing homes, schools and pocket parks. Of course, you earn Volunteer Hours for your projects. This year we are making a special effort to keep better track of your independent projects. We also want the University of Illinois Extension Cook County/Chicago Master Gardener Program to gain more recognition for what our Master Gardeners accomplish in your neighborhoods and communities.

This is what you will need to do:

1. Complete and return the Independent Project information sheet.

2. Request, and then send us, a short letter from your contact person acknowledging your project as a Master Gardener project.

(When we receive these, we will list your project on the NE Region Database for you to report against)

3. Keep track of your Volunteer Hours so that you can transfer them onto the database once your project is listed.

You, as Master Gardeners, do tremendous work enhancing your community with knowledge and plants. Thank you. And, thank you for making this extra record-keeping effort. We need this information to validate your efforts to our County Director, to our state legislators and to the general public.

Elizabeth Bruhns

Master Gardener Program Organizer

Cook County/Chicago

3807 West 111th Street
Chicago, IL 60655
773-233-0476 -Fax 773-233-0910

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