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Macy's Flower Show Volunteers

Posted by Ron Wolford -

Thursday, March 20 we begin our second weekend of the Macy Flower Show. The first weekend was very successful and I know this one will be also.

Here is our crew for the three days. On Easter Sunday, the Easter Bunny works, we do not.

Thursday, March 20: Wil Rutt, Don Nekrosis and Gigi Leonard

Friday, March 21: Susan O'Dell, Peggy Coon, Deb Cullen and Marilyn Witney

Saturday, March 22: Joyce Schmitz, Cathy Bereual Sinkers and Terri Masterson

Meet me at the 7th Floor visitors center at 10:00 a.m. You can leave your coats there.

We did not have many people on the tours last week and Master Gardeners did a lot of just being out in the show answering questions. The blue fact sheet that Mayo gave you is very helpful for tour information.

See you this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Thanks to David Depue and Karen McCray who will fill in vacancies on March 28 and 30.


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