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Using MG Database Hints

Posted by Ron Wolford -

Good morning Master Gardeners,

We soon will be through the first quarter of 2008 and now have 794 Volunteer Hours reported on the NE Region database. It will be easier for all of us if you can report your hours on a weekly/monthly basis.

Here are some hints on using the database:

Reporting your hours on the NE Region Database

1. Get into the Web site at

2. When you get the first screen, click on to the create a new account.

Put in your code. (You never use that code again)

That will take you back to the original screen.

3. Now----put in a user name. I usually use my whole name so that I won't forget.

4. Then choose a personal password NOT THE ENTRY CODE

I always use my maiden name, something I won't forget. Keep it simple.

If you cannot remember the user name or password that you chose, contact me and we will set up a new entry code. You will have to begin at the beginning, but you won't lose any hours you have already submitted.

Other things you need to know:

5. Monthly meetings need to be reported in two places:

Under Activities, you may report one hour Volunteer time for attending the meeting. Monthly meetings are listed by date.

The speaker for a Monthly meeting is Continuing Education. Look for it listed by month and the speaker. Usually one hour credit.

6. In hopes of making Continuing Education items easier to find, they are always listed by the month in which they occurred.

7. If you have attended a Continuing Education event that is not on the list, click on to Suggested Continuing Education at the left hand side of your screen, and enter it there. When I have improved it, it will come back up on the database for you to report against. I try to send out emails to let you know when an item you have submitted is up on the database.

8. If you have Volunteer events that are not in the database list, send them to me via email.

I need the name of the event, location address, especially the zip code and date. As usual, I'll let you know when it is ready for you to report against.

9. Sometimes when you click into Enter Activities, a long list of all Activities ever entered into the Database comes up. Click onto the term START DATE and the items will appear on a calendar list. Much easier.

Remember, I'm only an email away.


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