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Design Help Needed at Schurz High School

Posted by Ron Wolford -

Hello Master Gardeners,

We received an interesting request below. This could be an opportunity for you to test your plant palette and design skills. Please consider acting as a design consultant for the school below. The Biology and Botany students will be involved. Schurz High School also has Earthboxes and is a part of The Growing Connection. I would love to link up one or two north-siders with Eloise. Let me know if you have questions.

Please contact Eloise directly if interested: school phone (773) 534-3420 .Email: <>

Dear Nancy and Master Gardeners,

We are interested in designing a landscape for Carl Schurz High school campus, located at 3601 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60641. Our engineer is very interested in our campus having an attractive presentation. We would like to accomplish this endeavor before June 1st, if possible. I am available to meet Monday thru Friday between 6 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Our Botany and Biology students will be doing the preparation and planting. All we need is some assistance with the design of plans. Our school phone number is 773-534-3420. If you call the school, you need to tell them immediately that you are calling for me about our landscaping project. If I am in class, you can leave your name and phone number please. I will return your call. !

Thank you!

Eloise Roche

Science Teacher

Nancy Kreith

Extension Program Coordinator

University of Illinois Extension

3807 W. 111th Street

Chicago, IL. 60655

office: 773.233.0476

fax: 773.233.0910

cell: 708.567.6101


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