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Modern Beekeeping: Its Challenges & Opportunities

Posted by Ron Wolford -

A Public Conversation

Saturday, November 15

Hours: 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Where: Community Room of the Garfield Park Conservatory
Cost: $10.00, plus potluck dish!
Registration: Space is limited. To register or for updated information, please e-mail

Join us on the 3rd Saturday in November for a two- part presentation that broaches some of the current questions buzzing around about bees and beekeeping. In the morning, Adony Melathoupoulos (Canadian author of the seminal article "Nature's Most Sustainable Sweetener") will give an introductory talk on honey bee biology and management. After a potluck lunch, Melathopoulos will be joined by prominent Chicago beekeeper Michael Thompson and others in a vibrant panel discussion of the current state of modern beekeeping.

Main panel topics to be covered include:

the broader implications of beekeeping to the food system

the political and economic forces that currently (and historically) shape beekeeping

beekeeping as a business:

pollination and honey production

urban beekeeping challenges & opportunities

colony collapse disorder update

Resources and learning opportunities will be on display and available throughout the day.

Beekeeping Panelists to include, but not limited to:

Peter Hansen, Apiary Inspector for the Illinois Department of Agriculture

Adony Melathopoulos, Apicultural Biotechnician, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Michael S. Thompson, Farm Manager of the Chicago Honey-Coop

Space is limited. To register or for updated information, please e-mail

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