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New Extension Hort Web Sites

Posted by Ron Wolford -

Good evening Chicago Master Gardeners,

Just a note to let you know about two new Hort web sites on this very cold winter night!

Successful Container Gardens - How to Select, Plant and Maintain.

This extensive website discusses choosing a container, selecting soil mixes, choosing and combining plants, fertilizing, watering and grooming basics. It also includes special containers including water gardens, hanging baskets, topiaries as well as creating whimsical containers.

A special section, Blueprints for Building Containers, shows plans for creating specific containers.

The website includes several videos to demonstrate the various techniques and concepts.

The site was developed by Barbara Bates, Kane County Unit Educator, Horticulture; Maurice Ogutu, Extension Educator, Horticulture; Nancy Pollard, Cook County Unit Educator, Horticulture; Jeff Rugg, Kendall County Unit Educator, Horticulture/IPM; Jim Schuster, Extension Specialist, Pesticide Safety Educator - Plant Pathology; and Greg Stack, Extension Educator, Horticulture.

Several of the videos will be posted on the new U of I Extension YouTube site (at

Take time to visit the site at

Illinois Vegetable Garden Guide

We are also pleased to launch the new Illinois Vegetable Garden Guide website that has been revised by James Schmidt, Extension Specialist, Home Horticulture/4-H. The site includes information about growing and caring for a successful garden, insect and disease problems, a directory on growing specific vegetables, and how to exhibit vegetables at a fair or show. The site will be an excellent resource for 4-Hers and Master Gardeners.

Go to

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