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Cont. Ed. Op.-Spring Gardening Classes-Oak Park

Posted by Ron Wolford -

For more details or to register online, visit To register in-person visit 218 Madison or 415 Lake Street in Oak Park. Confused about pricing? First price is for residents, second for non-residents: $Oak Park Residents/$Non-residents.

NOTE: All the classes listed below are approved for Continuing Education credit for University of Illinois Extension Master Gardeners/Cook County -

Water Wise Gardening

Study examples of xeriscaping (plants for dry areas) and planting schemes for efficient watering

Sat, Mar 28 & Apr 4 $30/$45


Waterfalls and Water Features

This class will give an overview of what to consider and what to purchase for your very own water feature.

Tues, Apr 21 $20/$35


Gardening with Native Plants

Learn how to help your yard "go native" and then watch the hummingbirds and butterflies flock to your back yard

Wed, Mar 18 $20/$30



Uplift your spirit and your environment – learn the basic steps in Ikebana or the ancient Japanese art of flower arranging.

Sat, Mar 14, 21 $25/$35

10-12 noon

Container Workshop

Back by popular demand – Deborah Cullen, Container Nanny will offer creative design and plant combinations to spark up your containers.

Sat, May 16 $38/$55

10-12 noon

Hanging Basket Workshop

Create your own moss-lined, 14 inch, wire hanging basket using annuals and tender perennials grown at the conservatory.

Sat, May 23 $38/$55

10-12 noon

Flower Arranging for Spring

Create a beautifully arranged basket full of spring flowers and bulbs just in time for the spring holidays. There will be a $15 materials fee collected from each participant.

Tues, Apr 7 $20/$29

7-9 pm

Butterfly Gardening

Select the right annuals, perennials and shrubs to attract butterflies and hummingbirds and add a new dimension to your gardening experience.

Sat, Apr 25 $20/$30


Animal Resistant Gardening

Are you tired of critters munching your back yard? Rabbits, deer and squirrels enjoy our gardens more than we do and they are constantly adapting to our defensive strategies.

Sat, Apr 11 $20/$30

9-11 am

Gardening 101: Basic Plant Care

Are you new to the neighborhood and don't know where to begin with that beautiful garden that came with your new home? This two session class will cover information on preparation of your garden areas as well as maintenance tips throughout the growing season.

Mon, Apr 13, 20 $35/$45

7-9 pm

Garden Design Workshop

Choose an area of your garden, perhaps the space around your patio or deck, a side yard or a backyard border and learn the steps to create an exciting design that is all yours.

Tues, Mar 17, 24, 31 $35/$45

7-9 pm

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