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Community Gardening Teleconferences

Posted by Ron Wolford -

Master Gardeners interested in community gardening should plan to attend the America Community Gardening Association's teleconferences. These workshops will be held on the third Wednesday or Thursday of most months from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. The 90-minute workshops will be held by conference call at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences. Sessions include one to three speakers with participant questions/answers and discussion.

Call Nancy Kreith at 773-233-0476 to register.

The tenative schedule for the 2006 Teleconference Workshops is as follows:

* December 15, 2005: Strategies for securing land: land trusts, easements, leases
* January 19, 2006: Fencing, theft and vandalism
* February 15: Community Gardens as part of Community Food Projects
* March 15: Youth programs in Community Gardens
* April 20: Community Gardens and Park Departments
* May 18: Why the Farm Bill is of interest to community gardeners
* June 14: Immigrants and community gardens
* July 19: Community gardens and Farmer's Markets
* September 21:Community garden events
* October 19: Fund-raising
* November 15: Community garden events

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