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July Master Gardener Meeeting Notes

Posted by Ron Wolford -

Our thanks to Nancy Kreith who filled in as our speaker. Great, interesting information, Nancy, Nice job! Twenty five Master Gardeners attended the meeting. We discussed the following items:

Meeting Location

The consensus of the group is to keep the site of the regular monthly meetings at Garfield Park Conservatory. The reasoning is that the Conservatory is the most central location and has access to public transportation. It was agreed that changing locations on an every-other-month basis would be too confusing. August meetings will continue at the Ag School.

New Volunteer Hours Reporting System

Soon all Master Gardeners will be able to enter their own volunteer hours directly on-line. Ron, Elizabeth and Liz Bowman are still ironing out a few glitches, but the system should be up and running by September 1. We are going to move to a reporting schedule that matches the calendar year, January 1-December 31. That means that for 2006, a Master Gardener may take credit for any volunteer hours after January 1, 2006, even if one has previously reported those hours for 2005 credit. Elizabeth assured everyone that there will be ample training and assistance as we move to the new program.

Plant Clinics

Staffing the Plant Clinic and Help Desks continue to be a problem. Here are some suggestions:

1. Make it clear to everyone that Plant Clinic service is mandatory.

2. Improve signage at Garfield Park.

3. Work to have both an experienced Master Gardener and an intern on each shift.

4. Develop a way to sign up for volunteer work on-line.

August 29 Monthly Meeting

Extension Educator Nancy Pollard is the speaker. This meeting will be at the Ag School, 3807 W. 111th St.

No meeting in September

October 24 Monthly Meeting

A celebration of all that we have accomplished this year. Special recognition for Master Gardeners with more that 100 and 200 volunteer hours for 2005. Please prepare a poster of any special project that you have been involved in this year!


There will be an unveiling of a special art piece for the Garfield Park Conservatory lobby by Master Gardener and fabric artist, Lindsay Obermeyer.


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