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Thank You Master Gardeners and Master Composters

Posted by Ron Wolford -

I would like to thank all the Master Gardeners and Master Composters who helped to make the August 19, Chicago Home Composting Bin Sale a huge success. Over 1,800 compost bins were sold. The Ag School sold out its allotment of 400 bins in 2 hours. Over 900 bins were sold at the North Park Village Nature Center and 475 bins at Garfield Park Conservatory.

I also want to thank Nancy Kreith, horticulture coordinator and Elizabeth Bruhns, Master Gardener Coordinator for their great work organizing this event.

Thank You Master Gardeners and Master Composters!

Debi Jansinski
Neil Smith
Heather Burton
Charlot Richards
Linda Wygant
Rosemary Jasik
Chuck Malatesta
Elide Piechocki
Paula Jones
Y'isroyal Y'israel El'essence
Jennifer Pagan
Judy Escallier
Grant Tilford
Carol Kolen
Peggy Thoma
Jim Covello
James Lewis
Ruth Melulis
Bob Veer
Melody Geraci
Donna Oppolo
Beata Welsh
Ela Russel
Gina Steward-Lipman
Amy Brandolino
Kathy Bonnar
Jalaine May

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