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How Do You Know if You are Chicago Master Gardener Material

Posted by Ron Wolford -

Chicago Master Gardener Coordinator Elizabeth Bruhns emailed me her version of "You Might Be a Master Gardener If..." that she uses with her new Chicago Master Gardener interns.

How do you know if you are Chicago Master Gardener material?

Do you always read the "Home and Garden" section of the Sunday Newspaper first?

Do you have gardening books on your nightstand?

Did you spend more on you hand held clippers than you did on your last pair of earrings?

Do you know how to sharpen you own clippers?

Have you ever been mistaken for staff at Gethsemane Garden Center?

Do you have more flower space and less grass in you garden every year? Give yourself two more points if you sold your lawn mower at your last garage sale.

Do you give your neighbors garden advice, even when they don't ask for it?

Do you ever claim to be bilingual because you know the Latin names of all your perennials?

Have you ever-deadheaded plants in a public garden?

Have you ever asked the hostess of a large party for the coffee grounds for your compost pile?

Have you ever bought a bedraggled flat of annuals in July because you feel sorry for them?

If one or more of these gives you a twinge, you might be a Master Gardener in the making.

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