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Chicago Farmers Market Forager Job Opening

Posted by Ron Wolford -

Chicago's Green City Market and the City of Chicago jointly sponsor a Farm Forager.

The Farm Forager is a key part of our efforts to develop a synergistic food system with hundreds of regional farmers within the four states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin, that will impact Chicago's dining choices. The Farm Forager is a unique position with the objective of recruiting qualified farmers to join the Chicago Farmers Market Program and other points of sale within the City.See the job description below:

Job Title: Chicago Farmers Market Forager

Job Co-Sponsors: Chicago Farmers Market Program and Chicago's Green City Market

Duration: Full time contract position for 1 year with extension option.

Goals: To recruit qualified family farmers from the surrounding four state (IL, IN, MI, WI) region into the Chicago Farmers Market Program; connect farmers to direct sales opportunities in Chicago through various networks, as well as working with state departments of agriculture, extension services and other related organizations and groups. Over the long term, develop a synergistic food system with hundreds of regional farmers that will impact dinning choices of Chicagoans' tables.

Base Salary: $45,000 per year

Expenses: "Limited mileage, phone bill. Subject to review."

Experience and Qualifications:

Minimum of two years agricultural experience and hands on training. A Bachelor's degree is preferred but not mandatory, however the applicant must have a broad understanding of the farming industry, including some technical aspects of the region's farming and its related industries like food processing and value added products. Attendance at bi-weekly meetings in Chicago is mandatory.

Applicant must be self- motivated and possessing proficient interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills. Individual must display leadership qualities as well as the ability to take and follow guidelines mandated by superiors.

This position requires that the individual is capable of relaying information and acting as a liaison between farmers, the Mayor's Office of Special Events, Chicago's Green City Market, consumer interest groups; restaurateurs, neighborhood organizations, businesses that provide meals for school and social service agencies and city departments.

Individual must have the aptitude to work with a diverse staff and workforce. Other requirements include a valid driver's license, insured car, a PC and access to the Internet.

Job Description:

This is a unique leadership position with the objective of recruiting 15-20 qualified farmers each year from the four Midwestern states from the surrounding four state (IL, IN, MI, WI) regions to join the Chicago Farmers Market Program.

Responsibilities also include developing farmer participation in providing products at other points of sale within Chicago while understanding the broader vision of bringing and distributing fresh locally produced foods to diverse community market locations throughout the city.

Position will entail producing a detailed weekly report, a travel log, and maintaining a database of farmer and related agency contact information. This report should document the Market Forager's measured progress at strengthening relationships with existing farmers, assessing new farms and strategies for inclusion in Chicago Farmers Market Program. Regular travel to farms is required.

All resumes, cover letters, and questions should be sent to Yescenia

Yescenia Mota
Program Coordinator
Farmers Market Coordinator
Mayor's Office of Special Events
City Hall, Room 806
121 N. LaSalle
Chicago, IL 60602
T- 312.744.0565
F- 312.744.8523

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