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New Volunteer Opportunity at Lincoln Park Zoo

Posted by Ron Wolford -

Have you made arrangements for your summer romance of 2007 yet? Why not fall in love with the new Teaching Vegetable Garden at Lincoln Park Zoo?

The University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener Program has entered into a partnership with Lincoln Park Zoo to expand the zoo's vegetable garden at the Farm-in-the-Zoo.

This is a rare opportunity for Master Gardeners to share information with families about growing vegetables, plus you will be volunteering in the beautiful Lincoln Park setting. This is an opportunity for Master Gardeners to be in a new project from the very beginning.

Here are some particulars:

The new garden will be open 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m., Wednesdays and Saturdays through April and May.

June through September the garden will be open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

This is a working vegetable garden. Jeanne Pinsof of Chicago's Green City Market, the vegetable garden project manager, says "Working is teaching. We will be teaching children and their families as we complete the tasks in the garden each day."

Besides the vegetable garden, the team of Master Gardeners will have the opportunity to plan, plant and tend two large raised ornamental flower beds. This is a full scale garden with demonstration earth boxes and a three bin composter unit. The works!

Lincoln Park Zoo is making a strong commitment of resources to this project. They will provide top quality tools, free parking while you are volunteering and Lincoln Park Zoo t-shirts.

They encourage us to wear out Master Gardener badges and will acknowledge the University of Illinois Extension Master Gardener Program in their brochures and signage. They value the expertise and dedication of Master Gardeners.

We are looking for Master Gardeners who can make a regular commitment of time. One day a week during the growing season would be ideal, but we can consider any consistent commitment of time.

Orientation concerning inclusion and interpretation will be on April 7 at the Farm-in-the-Zoo. More details to follow.

We are looking for at least ten Master Gardeners to become part of this exciting new program.

Contact Elizabeth at

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