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University of Illinois Extension

Food Testing Labs

The labs listed below are a few examples of private accredited labs that will provide pH testing for both home canned foods and homemade chilled foods. Each lab has a website and phone number listed. Prices for pH testing range from $16 to $25 per sample and prices are subject to change.

Proper packing of samples for shipping is important. It is your responsibility to contact the lab to determine packing method, shipping method, and the sample size needed. For example, chilled foods must be packaged and shipped on ice or with gel packs and not frozen.

Many other labs provide this service and you are not limited to the ones listed below.

  1. IEH Laboratories & Consulting Group
    15300 Bothell Way NE
    Lake Forest Park, WA 98155
    Phone (206) 522-5432

  2. Deibel Labs (Two Locations Illinois and Wisconsin)
    103 S. 2nd Street
    Madison, WI 53704
    Phone (608) 241-1177
    7120 N. Ridgeway Ave
    Lincolnwood, IL 60712
    Phone (847) 329-9900
  3. Q Laboratories Inc.
    1930 Radcliff Drive
    Cincinnati, OH 45214
    Phone (513) 471-1300

    FAX (513) 471-5600

    Last updated November 2018