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Check Your Credit Report

If, for any reason, you can't pay your bill promptly, call your creditor right away to set up a repayment schedule that you both can accept. Don't accept credit cards you don't need or won't use. If the total amount of credit available to you through your credit cards is high, you may be turned down for credit you really want. A creditor may decide not to take a chance on you if your total credit limit is high, even if your balance is low.

Also, don't apply for credit cards that you aren't sure you want. Your application will trigger an inquiry on your credit report. A creditor might turn you down if you have too many inquiries, since you could soon have much more credit than you have now.

Credit Report Request


Please send me a copy of my credit report. Following is the information you will need.

Full name (print):
Social Security number:
Birth date:

Spouse's full name, if married:
Spouse's Social Security number:
Spouse's birth date:

Current address:
Previous address(es) in the last five years:


Check one:
____Check enclosed.
____I have been denied credit within the past 60 days as a result of information from your credit file.

____I am a victim of identity theft, on welfare, or unemployed.

Enclosed is a photocopy of my driver's license or military ID and a current utility bill for proof of address.

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