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Current crop information updates and research highlights

Crop Insurance Defines, Planting Too Early

Crop insurance COMBO products, which include Yield Protection and Revenue Protection plans, have "earliest planting date" restrictions. For corn in Illinois, the earliest planting date is April 6th, except for counties in the extreme southern part of the state. For soybeans the crop insurance "earliest planting date" is April 21 for counties south of and included in a line from Carthage to Kankake...

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Is Fall Applied Nitrogen Still There?

Last year's good fall weather enabled many farmers to fall apply at least some of their nitrogen fertilizer. Due to warmer than normal soil temperatures, denitrifying soil bacteria stayed slightly active throughout the winter. Fabian Fernandez, University of Illinois Soil Fertility Specialist, wrote a great explanation about the implications of this weather on fall applied nitrogen in...

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Thursday, March 22,2012 first emergence of early planted corn
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Early Planting Update

*UPDATE*  The early planted corn in the planting date trial is emerging right on cue. Corn development research indicates it take approximately 115 growing degree days (GDD) after planting to see emergence. For the last 7 days we have been gaining about 18 GDD per day. Yesterday, March 22, at noon I could find just a few corn shoots peeking through and this morning they are popping up all over. Si...

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Early Planting Test

Emerson Nafziger is taking advantage of the mild weather to put some very early planting into his corn planting date research. The first round of plantings was done on March 16th. The unseasonably warm weather has pushed germination along rapidly. If the current forecasts hold, degree day accumulation suggest emergence by this Friday, March 23rd. Dr. Nafziger wrote an update to the...

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The Rate Research

Posted by N. Dennis Bowman - Weeds

After 30 years of working in county and regional extension centers I accepted an Extension position that is located on campus. One of the unexpected challenges has been parking, after 4 months of parking in outer Mongolia, a spot finally opened up relatively nearby. Now my morning commute includes a shortcut through the greenhouse complex just south of Turner Hall. Last week I noticed...

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New Beginnings

Posted by N. Dennis Bowman -

Welcome to my blog! Every new venture starts out with a great sense of hope but also with a degree of uncertainty. As I write this, equipment and fields are being prepared for the coming cropping season. As we look down the road at the coming growing season, the details of what's ahead are unclear. We have traveled this road before and have a pretty good idea of where we will end up. M...

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