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Million Dollar Rain?

It has been a dusty spring so far and moisture concerns have been on the rise. Rain over the last weekend has pushed back the short term concerns for most of the area....

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Stripe Rust on wheat found in Champaign

Posted by N. Dennis Bowman -

In an update to the Bulletin, released earlier today, Carl Bradley announced that stripe rust was being found in wheat in Southern Illinois. This afternoon one of his staff found it here at the Research farm. Here is a link to his article....

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Dead plant between two relatively slightly damaged plants.
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Frost Follow-up

We generally advise that, prior to the 4 leaf-collar stage, frost will destroy leaf tissue, but the growing point is below ground and protected. The plants will be stressed but alive. The April 11th freeze was severely damaging to the corn planted on March 16th in our planting date study. On that clear night around 1:00am the temperature dropped below 32 degrees and did not cross back above the li...

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True Armyworm moth

Trapping Moths

Many of our agricultural insect pests do not overwinter in Illinois and have to migrate in every season. Monitoring that migration can supply us with information about how severe problems may be and when scouting should start. We currently have moth traps around the state monitoring the influx of Black Cutworm and True Armyworm moths. You can check results at this regional...

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March 16th planted corn the afternoon of March 11th after early morning frost.
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Frosty concerns

Surface temperatures all around the state dipped below freezing yesterday morning, March 11th. Jim Angel provided a list of the minimum temperatures on his blog . The Midwest Climate Center posted this map of the cold coverage:...

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