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Quick Guide to Cover Crops for Forage 2019

Quick Guide to Cover Crops for Forage 2019 Seeding rates, dates, yield potential and much more information relating to the cultivation and suitability of various cover crop species for use as forages. This Quick Guide was coordinated by Travis Meteer, University of Illinois Extension Educator Commercial Agriculture, with input...

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Corn as a Cover Crop

Agronomic considerations regarding the use of corn as a cover crop include the following: This is an excerpt from a formal letter Emerson Nafziger and I wrote on this issue. A link to the letter is included below. 1.      Neither seed nor grain produced from seed of transgenic (GMO) corn hybrids can be used as cover crop seed, due to patent prohibitions. Seed or grain...

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University of Illinois Extension 2019 Late Planting Checklist

University of Illinois Extension Specialists and Educators created the following checklist of common late planting questions. Corn planting continues in Illinois - should I change maturities? For planting by mid-June, the northern tiers of counties probably need hybrids that are 105 RM or less. On the I-80 corridor it should be 110 RM or less. If planting opportunities...

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